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It’s our 1st Birthday!

Birthday Cake

Today, October 11, 2019, is our 1st Birthday!

This past year has been one fun and exciting ride!

More than $100,000 in much needing funding has been donated to our partnered Charities and Non-Profits across North America.

This was made possible because of YOU!

As with any new technology platform, along with the rewarding moments come challenges and hiccups. Despite a few, our GIFTED community steadily grows from your unwavering and continued support. We are so grateful!

We are also proud to say one year later our platform is better than ever. As we continually strive to improve we would love your feedback. Please take a moment to share the good, bad and ugly with us here

Thank you to everyone in our GIFTED community for joining our mission
to bring couples, families, friends, and charities together
to change the world.

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