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Gifts that Give Back

Most couples would agree that cash is the most desired gift but asking for it can potentially seem tacky. Money for house payments or fertility specialist aren’t so easily added to any typical gift registry.  To address this, some online registries have begun offering a straight cash option among the housewares and experience type options. Unfortunately, these options lack an explanation for the intended use of the money, leaving guests quick to judge and deeming the cash option a bit tacky.  

WIth this in mind, came the birth of GIFTED.  We wanted to go beyond just solving the problem couples faced by receiving unwanted gifts.  It was also important to modernize the entire process of gifting. The truth is, giving a gift is a timeless practice and will likely remain a constant throughout time.  But the way in which we have been gifting is antiquated and without purpose. So we set forth to redefine a new norm for gifting. Changes in human interactions are inevitable and especially influenced by technology.  Texting, DM’s and social platforms have nearly replaced all in real life interactions. We figured it was about time technology was applied to making a positive social change through the way we give and receive gifts.  We believe meaningful gift giving is a necessary social change that will help contribute towards a long term positive impact on society.  So we set out to reinvent gifting to allowing anyone to ask for cash in a meaningful way.   

In October 2018 GIFTED was launched.  GIFTED is as an online cash registry that gives back any portion of the cash gifts received to a charity.  Our mission is to make every event give back. If we are fortunate enough to have something to celebrate, we have an opportunity to help others who do not.  GIFTED is not about how much is donated but rather that every celebration has this conscious social component. Whether it’s 1% or 100%, collectively we can make a big difference! The amount donated remains private and the host even receives a tax receipt.  

So how does GIFTED work exactly? 

A beautiful registry page is personalized, with an image, an explanation of why their chosen cause is important, and the intended use for the rest of the cash gifts received.  These registry pages can be shared on a wedding website, with the personal URL or social tools.

To simplify the experience even more, we decided to offer FREE online invitations with all the bells and whistles, such as  RSVP management, messaging and social sharing tools. Curated invitations are offered for just about any type of occasion. Once a guest RSVPs to the event online, they are redirected to the registry page with an option to give a gift.  Of course, gifting this way is not mandatory, but rather a super convenient way for the guests to give a desired gift with purpose. The entire experience feels more personal and the guest understands better why a cash gift would be the best choice.  Not only does a GIFTED registry save time for both hosts and guests, but also puts much-needed dollars into the hands of a charity.

GIFTED can be used for nearly any type of event.  Following the celebration, the host simply requests their gifts and the funds are sent in one lump sum.  Other cash registries require the host to link their bank accounts allowing them to receive gifts as they come.  This may at first seem desired, but in reality, what really happens is that money gets spent long before the big day bit by bit.  So we decided to mimic the excitement felt on the day of an event. GIFTED never asks for your bank account or to create any 3rd party accounts to receive the gifts.  Instead, cash gifts are sent either by cheque, e-transfer (in Canada) or Paypal.

Join our mission in bettering our world by simply making your occasions even more meaningful.

Now that’s something to celebrate!